Having  been in the pest control trade for over 25 years before I retired, I noticed an increase in DIY wasp treatments.

To those that know of me I was known as It Has 2 Be Done Ltd. Before I retired the first time. I then came out of retirement due to boredom and was known as Double R Wasp Treatments Heanor, and Amber Valley Wasp Nest Removal, we had a very high number of very good reviews with the Derbyshire Trusted Trader scheme under both names, (we had 140 with the first company and 136 with the last business) we were also the only business at the time that gave a fixed price of £45.00 for any size of wasp nest. We had the same price for 11 years. The price was not just a number we took out of a hat, but one that was calculated based upon time from office and cost of insurances and materials, it worked well for us right up to when I had a health issue, as well as the expensive property in Church Lane, Kirk Langley that did not pay her bill, this was well known, as it was published on all of my websites and all Facebook pages and sites I ran at the time, which coincidentally was the first of a few that tried not to pay using various excuses the last one being, my wife booked you, so she can pay. This was the last straw and as I came out of retirement to help people, I decided enough is enough so I decided to hang up my boots for good.

My main concern is not that you wish to save money by trying to treat them yourselves, but for you to use the correct product for the nest you are treating and in the correct manner. Above all your safety is the most important factor to consider, followed closely by the safety of those around you and pets.

I am not saying that you should treat them yourself, but if you do wish to try it then please be safe.

Of course i understand that due to the high cost that some people charge to kill a wasp nest it is understandable that you would want to save money.

I was always critical of pest controllers that pushed up their prices because someone had a fear of the insect or pest.

I could write a book on the excuses I have heard in my 25 years as to why this or that costs what the pest controller charges.

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