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Welcome to - It Has To Be Done - Website Design, Build and Hosting.
This main page serves as a starting hub for everything related to growing your business from scratch. Your road to success could start here. If you do not try, will you always doubt yourself?.
Because a lot of our customers are small businesses, finances are tighter than that of the larger companies, which is why we do not cater for high end expensive website designs etc.
We cater more for the simplistic approach, similar to this website and those linked to us, where customers can easily find what they are looking for and relate to what they see.
When money is tight, it is better to advertise where your potential customers can find you, so they know that you are competitive and still trading. Whilst your competitors may be doubtful about spending on advertising and especially on a website, you need to cash in with your new customers whilst your competitors are dithering.
We do not offer a cheap discounts to our customers to try to gain your work, that will be your choice at the end of the day. However i will say that our profits are very low and you will pay for any extras that you require. NO gimmicks, NO freebies, Just an honest to goodness fair price, with everything explained to you on here or by asking via our contact page.
We do not cater for complicated of anything, we have found that the simpler the better for all concerned. I have personally been making websites for approx. 15 years and have found that ours have worked well for us no matter what the trade was.
Based upon my past 53 years trading experience where I have seen many years like the present time, where the economic climate we are experiencing at the moment is tough. I have found it is better to keep your name out there, especially when talking about websites.
If the website hosting is stopped due to lack of advertising funds, it can take up to six months to be significantly noticed again by google, which means that you have lost approx. one years’ worth of potential work and the benefits of advertising.
This website was viewed by a friend of mine that gives a very harsh and unbiased opinion of what he sees. His feedback was very good please view our unbiased feedback page.
This website shows a few different scrolling and designs which are just some of the more common designs that we use, click on the coloured red highlighted links to use the short cuts to the relevant pages. We have different pages shown in different ways to give you some ideas. This website is constantly having updates with innovative ideas and is designed to give you room for thought and is not particularly designed to make a lot of selling sense. However, you will understand that we have many options available to help you start your business website. One thing for sure is that if you are thinking about a website to help kickstart your business, you will certainly have something to think about when you have viewed this website and those linked to it.
View our impartial advice on starting a business from scratch page, before you finally decide which direction to go.
Most of our builds consist of just a few pages with a short description of the subject matter accompanied by pictures.
We have found over the course of time that potential customers can quite adequately relate to what they are told, but are more likely to request a quotation for work to be carried out if they can also be shown pictures, and as such they then have no illusions that you can carry out the work that you are offering.
We like to cater for the general everyday person that requires a website, but does not have the ability or knowledge to build one for themselves.
This is our niche part of the market, where we can help others.
After all we are all good at something in this life, and it matters not what it is, as long as we can all help each other.
What is a simple task for one person is a major hurdle for someone else.
View our favourite type of website story by viewing our choice tab above. We also have different ideas for scrolling on our pages as you view our website. There are obviously a lot of different ideas and colours that we can use but these pages just show some of the basics.
We also give a break down of different pricing levels we use, and the final choice is yours. We can carry out other designs and additions, the websites on show are just a few of what we have achieved.
In the first instance please contact us via E-mail as per our contact page, where we will reply to you as soon as possible after your inititial enquiry. We use this system of first communication due to time wasters and scammers, if you are seriously interested in what we do and say, i will give you our contact number so we can communicate easier.
We are the starting blocks of your business website, once you know it works for you and as your business grows, you can upgrade to other companies who can cater better for your requirements. The one we would fully recommend is Metal Potato, that really is the name of the company and a good friend of mine. Please do not forget to mention me, Steve at It Has To Be Done, only so they will know how you know of them.
With our help the following slides could be you, with a bit of thought and hard work. Remember this "Never regret what you have tried and failed. Only regret what you have never tried"
Business Trips abroad
New contracts to be signed
Handshake to confirm the deal
Your new sales figures
New relaxing offices with a view
More money in the bank
If you are seriously thinking about starting your own business, spend a few minutes to read the following article, before committing to spending any of your money.
Setting up a self-employed business.
Before you decide to have any website built for your business, read the following pointers to ensure that it is something you really want to do.
One of the most important things i have learnt over the years, is that when in business, keep an eye on your business competition, but ALWAYS work out your own prices and profits and run your business your way. Do not worry about competing, just give a good service to your customers.
Never look at what you think is a good deal that saves you money, no matter what you are looking at purchasing. If you are offered something that seems too good to be true, then it normally is. And remember pay cheap pay twice.
Whether or not you use us to build your website, it is your choice, but if you take the time to read what we have written on our pages, you will at least have an understanding about which direction to go in.
It makes no difference at what level of expertise a website is built, although high end websites will work better without a doubt, it will still take some time for Google and Bing search engines to find and recognise your website and your business.
Having a website with a new domain name (business name) will not guarantee that your phone will ring for a long while, and so please read the following before you spend any money at all.
I have been in business for 51 years owning every level of business from small one-man businesses to employing 14 people. I have owned limited companies as well as shops, I have been successful in every business I have run and owned. I have advised many a person how to set up a new business, even down to designing a simple to use accounting system on excel.
However below are a few of the more important facts that you need to consider before you start a business of any kind.
If you remember nothing else, just remember that if you dont know about something related to your business, ASK. It is never a daft question if you do not know the answer before you ask the question.
We all have to ask questions to learn from the answers to go forward in the direction we want to.
Most people think that because they have worked for someone else or because they have carried out a lot of DIY around the house, they can just start working for themselves and pocket loads of money without telling the tax office. This is a myth.
 There are lots of pitfalls in running your own business, and there are many things that you need to put in place before you start.
  1. You need finances to buy equipment, tools or stock.
  2. You need a business or trading name.
  3. You need an accountant.
  4. You need to have a bank account for the business use only, not required but preferred to be in the business name.
  5. You need goals and ambition.
  6. You need suppliers.
  7. You need insurances.
  8. You need money to cover your costs to live whilst the business is taking off
  9. You ideally need a website.
  10. You need advertising.
  11. Before you start and preferably whilst still employed you need to register your intentions with the tax office in order to obtain your personal tax reference number relating to the business and business address.
  12. You will need to have a smart appearance and good manners, as well as a good knowledge of the trade you wish to be associated with.
  13. Remember when you work for yourself the buck stops with you. You get it right and everyone is happy, and the word soon gets around that you are a good honest worker. Get it wrong and the bad word will be on the jungle drums before you reach the end of the road.
  14. The above are just the most important aspects of starting any business.
  15. I think you are getting the point so far that life may not be as rosy as you first thought.
  16. Now to go into more detail.
  17. After you have decided what you want to do, you must decide on a trading business name. A good tip here is to link the name of your business to the job you wish to carry out, you would try to have the trading name as for example Double “R” Pest Control, this tells people that the business name was Double “R” and we carried out pest control. The website needs the same details, as does the email address and all letter headings and general paperwork, including the office details and phone.
  18. All items purchased for the business must have the business name on it for simplicity reasons of accounts.
  19. You will need to advertise, this area requires some thought, obviously the vehicle needs to be written in large letters that can clearly be read from a distance. The method we found worked for us no matter what the size of the vehicle was on the back doors the business name was high and below that a breakdown of what we did in brief, such as wasp treatment, rat treatment and a few others but not small but smaller than the main name, below that was our phone number, website address and possibly email address. It is important to look at similar sized vehicles to your own and consider what can be read from a distance if you were following it in a car, how far back can your business name be read. This is very important, once the business name has been read the reader following you will know if they need your services. Once they get a bit closer, they can read a bit about what you do but do not overcrowd the area with lots of writing. NO-ONE will read it all, and finally the contact details need to be larger than the description of what you do but smaller than the main heading of the business name. The side and front of the vehicle needs most of the same as the rear but less detail about what you do, people can only read the front of your vehicle very briefly as they approach hence your name clear and large, if people are in a traffic queue they will read more but they only need the contact details at this stage.
  20. Business cards require the same details as your vehicle but use both sides. The front for who you are and the back for what you do. If you can afford it have glossy cards, they catch the eye and look good. ALL writing no matter what it is on needs to be clear and concise, no more than bold capitals is required, remember this fact, newspapers are in clear to read writing for the purpose of your ease to read it. Not to look pretty with a smart looking font.
  21. Use your works vehicle as much as possible, the more it is seen the more your name gets out there, it is the cheapest form of advertising there is. I read somewhere that if you travelled a 20-mile round trip approx. 3000 plus people would have seen your vehicle and read some of it. Hence the business name as clear as possible, once armed with a business name they can look you up on google etc.
  22. This brings me to the next important factor of advertising, a website. You do not need to spend thousands on a website in the first instance, a simple to view web site is often better. I have permission to use this one from a friend and so I like to use his as a good example Harrison Building Services this is a simple to understand website and shows what he does.
  23. Sometimes but not always it may be worth a few adverts in the local paper whilst you get established.
  24. When you consider your work wear look at corporate imagery, get your business name on the front and back of a tee shirt for arguments sake, if you are working and constantly have your back to people the best place is on the back, similar to the van. On the front of you a business name is all that is required and possibly your Christian name just so the customer knows who they are talking to if looking at you
  25. The first personal point of contact is when you get a phone call from a potential customer.
  26. If you answer the phone be polite, even if the person ringing you is not. You can always turn the job down if you do not see eye to eye. Make an appointment to see the person you have spoken to at the property the work is to be carried out. Be professional take notes, measurements if required talk as though you know what you are talking about, be precise and thorough but not over the top telling them what you can do. They will tell you what they want you to do, and it is for you to decide which way to do it.
  27. Do not belittle any of the customers family or the customer.
  28. Do not give a price at that point unless it is something that you can do it with commitment, example we treated wasp nest at £45 and so we could just quote the price over the phone and not visit the site.
  29. Go away and work out the quotation, put down every aspect of the job that you must carry out in as much brief detail as possible. Do not break it down for arguments sake as 195 bricks, 5 bags cement, just word it as supplying materials to carry out the building of a wall …… and a price.
  30. Turn up at the arranged day and time, or if delayed let the customer know and keep them in the loop.
  31. Be tidy when working and show you can do what you need to do. This is the same attitude no matter what the business obviously if it was a shop you would not have bricks or quotes but being of smart appearance etc is very important.
  32. Any quotes you make out put a short time limit on the final date you will stand by the quote, bearing in mind stock items rise in price weekly. Send the final invoice to the customer or give it to them on completion of the work.
  33. Each day complete your book work and accounts, do not leave it for a week or you have a lot of work to do at any given time as well as running the risk of losing invoices.
Our Prices and what we offer
At It Has To Be Done - Web Design - Build and Hosting, our prices offer a complete package, as explained further down the page.
Of course, we realise that from time to time everything alters, as will your website requirements, we will update and tweak according to your requirements as your business changes.
There is no charge for the alterations to your website per month within your agreed package.
Briefly we offer: -
A simple non complicated website for your customers to understand. (similar to this website).
Once your domain name has been registered your website will be live for all to see. Obviously in the first few hours it will not be completed but you will see the website being built each day, and if you require any alterations to the website we can make them in the early stages of the build. WE DO NOT make you wait until the website is built before you can view it, we let you and everyone else view it from day one of the build. Any alterations required whilst the website is being built is free of charge, we just want you to have a website that you helped to design, for you and your business.
Once built you will be limited to how many alterations per month is allowable within your price level as shown below.
We purchase the domain name, which we will own, we will build the website, host the website. We will send you a monthly invoice for your payment of the hosting, if payment is stopped at any time or runs late, we will terminate the website hosting, until payment is made.
You will supply the initial set up fee plus one-month upfront hosting fee. All hosting fees are paid one month upfront to hosting, paid electronically to our bank, which will be agreed and paid for before we purchase your domain name. You will set up a direct debit payment to us. Minimum 28 days notice if you wish to stop trading with your website. You will also need to supply us with any pictures you require us to put on the website and a general description of what you require on each page. We will sort it out and tidy the bits as required. We need you to tell us in your own words what you require, this way each website is unique in wording and description, and will be found sooner by the search engines.
Please be aware that once you have paid your first payment you are agreeing to a minimum of 6 (six) month hosting with us, we are aware that from time to time you may have a requirement to alter this level in the middle of your payment, we shall carry out your wishes and alter the following months fee accordingly, not pro rata but to start the new fees at the start of the following month.  
We can get the footfall to your website but converting it to work is not within my control.
For the purpose of pricing.
Please note the package level can be altered up or down at anytime the website is hosted by us, and the fees will be altered to the level of cover at the end of the current month that any alterations incur.
Price structure level 1:- Budget website upto 4 pages with upto 2 alterations per month. (Base price)
Price structure level2 :- Bronze. Upto 8 pages and with upto 4 alterations per month.
Price structure level 3:- Silver. Upto 14 pages and with upto 6 alterations per month.
Price structure level 4:- Gold. Upto 20 pages and with upto 8 alterations per month.
The number of pages per site also includes hidden pages. These are pages hidden from general view but have a link for you to give out on request. These pages are ideal if you wish to keep certain pages for customers on request. Similar to the link you can have sent to you for our pricing structure, it will be sent to your email for your perusal.
All prices are available upon request via our email/contact page.
Please note unused alterations per month do NOT carry over to the next month, it is a service we offer due to your business circumstances changing and where you require the website to be altered.
In the first instance you tell us what you need and we tell you a price, we can add bits to each price as required, for example you may want four pages and more alterations than is displayed in our pricing schedule, we CAN alter our pricing structure to cater for your individual requirements.
If you require a basic excel spreadsheet accounting system as a stand alone purchase for you to use as you wish, view HERE. We do not have a vat column on the sheet due to most people when starting a business are not VAT registered, and the price of the stock you buy will include the VAT. However we can build it into your accounts should you wish us to at no extra cost.
In order to help us keep our costs at a fixed low cost to you our valued customers , all we ask is that if you are happy with your finished website and customer service given to you. PLEASE tell others. if you are not happy then please tell us.

This is a feedback from a long term customer, with a very unbiased opinion. This feedback is regarding this design of my new website that hopefully will inspire you to look at what you require to start your own business or not before you spend any money.
Hi Steve
I have had look through your new website design, and I must say that I am super impressed with it. It is actually blown my mind with the amount of details, advice, diversity, scrolling options, working links etc.
I can tell that you have spent a lot of time on building it and that both your business expertise and experience is clear to see also, Steve, your natural helpful self-shines through, you have a subtle way of explaining actions in a detailed, but easy to understand way.
Website creation as you will know Steve, is a competitive market and new business owners have quite a lot of options from website creators, like do-it-yourself template options etc, but not everyone can use them or do not have the time so your services will always be in demand.
Steve, honestly you never cease to amaze me, I am not just saying it, but you really are very talented and a man of many skills, you have a built a great website and the lucky ones who pay for your services will soon realise that it is not only a great website they are gaining, but also a very helpful and knowledgeable mentor.
It really is an excellent build Steve, and you should be proud of it, you are a man of many talents.
Wishing you good luck my friend.
Kind regards, Tommy
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