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Due to retirement we no longer carry out pest control. (formerly Double "R" Wasp Treatment Heanor)
With the fear of catching the corona virus or any other disease when people come to your door, even when its all over, this may be an opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to start a new business venture or to carry out your own pest control and save money.
Setting up and running my own business was the best thing i ever did regarding work and controlling my families financial future. I personally never ever regretted starting my own business.
It costs very little to gain knowledge, but can cost a lot if you try to carry out the work incorrectly with little or no knowledge, your choice. Spend a little to save a lot, or risk a lot to save a little.
As we say if you wish to know about treating pests, "Understand the lifestyle and behaviour of pests before you treat them, understand the enemy and be safe. It only takes a few minutes."
We have incorporated our Business Academy into this known website, where you can purchase expert information and knowledge on various subjects all based upon experiences from a lifetime in various trades. The articles have been compiled as a short tutorial about the easy way to start a business. Which in turn will help the DIYer and newbies that want to start carrying out jobs or working for themselves and be in control of their earnings, by learning more about the advantages and pitfalls etc beforehand.
However these pages are not a training package, and we dont promise you the earth, our aim is to show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of being in business before you sign any dotted lines.
Due to the academy being an ongoing project I am constantly adding new ideas etc to help you go forward with confidence.
Why not use my knowledge to help improve your skills, knowing I am at the end of an email should you require any advice in the future.
If you are considering carrying out any pest control and are in doubt about your ability to catch and dispose of the catch humanely, then contact a qualified pest controller in your area in the first instance.
If you have a dream of working for yourself, or using knowledge that you have gained to help others, then use that knowledge with confidence.
The payee is the only person that i will respond to from any email sent to me.
An email contact form is at the bottom of the relevant page that you purchase. I shall only answer subject related questions from any pages you have purchased.
If you decide to enter intotreating your own rat problems, take note of the section below.
If the rat population is not kept in check, rats the size of these ones shown in the picture below will be seen regularly. The larger ones are the size of a small adult cat, there are plenty of pictures around showing some even larger. To control rats is easy when you know how to carry out the treatment using the correct methods, and can easily be carried out by the DIYer. Look on our relevant page for a low cost guidance.

Welcome to our new design website How to start up a new businessNo matter what trade the starting blocks are the sameIf you wish to carry out your own pest controlBuilding business, or any other tradeView our academy pages whilst you are hereAll information and tips are from my experiencesAll businesses start small, yours can be one of them. Thank you for viewing our website.

If you decide to start your own business or venture into any of the subjects mentioned on here, and you require the services of a very good reliable top notch all round builder, look no further than Andie Harrison of He is based in the Ripley, Derbyshire area of the country. Or even if you just require the services of a good builder for those jobs that you cannot carry out yourself.
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